Feast for the Songbirds (Signed by Governor Rick Perry)



“The Texas landscape has always been a place of unparalleled beauty, yet during settler days, our lands could also be uninviting and even dangerous to man or beast. Through dedication and sheer perseverance, our forefathers managed to tame this great land and turn it into something that not only retained its raw beauty, but grew into something more: a place of great bounty and unchecked opportunity for all” – Governor Rick Perry, United States Secretary of Energy

This beautiful limited-edition photographic print was taken by photographer Timothy Wolcott and signed by Governor Rick Perry. This print is part of the Washington on the Brazos Association’s For the Love of Texas project. For this project, the Association asked notable Texans to select their favorite photo, autograph it, and describe what they love most about Texas.

Dimensions: 30″x11″

About Governor Rick Perry

Rick Perry was the 47th Governor of Texas and is the current U.S. Secretary of Energy. He served three terms as governor, becoming only the fourth Texas governor to do so. He is also a published author and a two-time presidential candidate.

About Timothy Wolcott

Timothy Wolcott’s photographs focus primarily on the beauty of nature. His Modernism style, along with his master printing techniques, provides a unique artistic take on photography.




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