Rainbow Fence Line (Signed by Dr. Denton Cooley)



“Each year as the cold, wet and wintry months are on the wane in Texas, I await the onset of spring and anticipate the approaching appearance of a variety of glorious wildflowers for which the state is well known. Of course, the bluebonnet which is our state flower is the most admired of all, but the others which we have, including indian paint brushes, black-eyed Susans’s, Texas primroses (buttercups) and others add a variety of colors to accompany the spring growth of pasture grasses. They all signal the reappearance of another prosperous year for Texas—I feel fortunate to be a native Texan.” – Dr. Denton Cooley, Heart and Cardiothoracic Surgeon

This beautiful limited-edition photographic print was taken by photographer Timothy Wolcott and signed by Dr. Denton Cooley. This print is part of the Washington on the Brazos Association’s For the Love of Texas project. For this project, the Association asked notable Texans to select their favorite photo, autograph it, and describe what they love most about Texas.

This print is available in one size as a canvas or museum-quality paper print.

Dimensions: 55″x35″

About Dr. Denton Cooley

Dr. Denton Cooley was a native Texan and the first surgeon to implant a total artificial heart into a patient. In addition to his work as a surgeon, Dr. Cooley also worked as a professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and was the founder of the Texas Heart Institute.

About Timothy Wolcott

Timothy Wolcott’s photographs focus primarily on the beauty of nature. His Modernism style, along with his master printing techniques, provides a unique artistic take on photography.




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